Electric power distribution

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For any building – a separate plant, an industrial complex, an office building, a hotel or family-owned dwelling house – one of the basic conditions is the supply of high-quality and safe power supply. We offer to design and build transformer substations, electricity transmission and distribution networks, choosing modern accounting system solutions.

We do construction work in both new and reconstructed transformer substations and we also offer to build compact transformer substations, including complete installation of its equipment. For industrial plants we also manufacture reactive power compensation equipment, which, by improving the power factor, significantly reduces the cost of electricity.

Whether it is the provision of electricity to an existing transformer substation or the construction of a transmission line within the framework of a project of a new distribution point, our skilled and experienced team will select and offer the customer the most appropriate solution. Electrical cabinets can be equipped with commercial measuring electricity meters required by the power supplier, as well as with an inventory of the internal energy management of the company. The installed equipment allows the customer not only to count the amount of kWh consumed, but also provides additional functions such as remote meter reading, reactive power tracking, load scheduling, voltage control, and fixation of other important parameters for the company.