About ELDI

SIA ELDI is a company with more than 20 years of international experience in the market of industrial electrical systems.

We work with clients from different countries all over the world on daily basis and therefore we chose an international name. The abbreviation ELDI is made up of two English words – EL from the word electrical and DI from the word distribution.

The history of ELDI dates back to 1998, when SIA Besecke was founded. During these years, we have developed into a modern, international, well-known enterprise in the field of industrial automation and systems engineering.

At the beginning of 2018, as a result of the reorganization of the company, we changed the name to SIA ELDI. We have a new name, a new logo and better structured resources for both manufacturing and providing service. That is why we have also created a new brand ELDI – electrical distribution systems, based on close cooperation between two Latvian companies, which complement each other – SIA ELDI and SIA LVDE. This kind of cooperation allows us to offer a wider range of services to our clients.

The main areas of activity of SIA ELDI:

  • production of panels and electrical distribution boxes for automation systems;
  • design and construction of electrical systems;
  • programming of automation systems.

The main areas of activity of SIA LVDE:

  • electrical installation;
  • electroassembling.

Many things remain the same! The same highly qualified team and the same products and services that you are accustomed to receive from us.

Our team’s work is organized in such a way that we can offer full-fledged range and qualitative solutions to each of our clients individually. The result is ensured by a highly qualified team of designers, technical planners, project managers, as well as electricians. A large part of our employees have been working for our company for a long time, thus ensuring uninterrupted cooperation with our regular customers and providing a predictably high quality of work. We are convinced that this is precisely what ensures our customers’ loyalty and corresponding success of production process.