Public buildings

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In public sector we offer to build electricity grids, starting from the power supply line’s connection point in a building to the light switch in the living room. We offer high-quality electrical engineering solutions in design and construction, building management systems (BMS), installation of classical electrical wiring and construction of BMS electrical cabinets. ELDI will provide a high quality result according to the client’s tasks, taking into account all regulatory requirements applicable to the industry.

Like any automated process, building management systems (BMS) are able to reduce electricity bills, increase comfort levels and make the business more environmentally friendly. These advantages are particularly felt in hotels and other public buildings. Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga is one of the largest and most modern hotels in Riga. The united system comprises more than 140 hotel rooms, 5 meeting rooms, a spa center, a swimming pool, a restaurants and other facilities.

Nowadays it is difficult to list all the electronic devices needed to work in an office. As time goes by, their number is even increasing, and therefore it is indispensable to create a customer-oriented electricity grid following the latest trends in the development of electrical engineering. The quality of light in the workplace is also very important. We offer our services by choosing advanced technological solutions, such as DALI-controlled LED lights that can significantly improve the quality of lighting and reduce the amount of energy used.

Having participated in projects for over 20 years, we have been present and seen how data networks and information technologies are playing an increasingly important role not only in public sector, but also in the management of production processes. Along with the development of the information technology industry, the demand for high-quality data processing, storage and exchange is also growing. We offer our services in designing, configuring, networking, installing IT hardware and networking. To put it simply, we provide the customer with a full range of services.