The industrial sector is our top priority. For over 20 years, we have been involved in industrial automation and system engineering projects around the world. Although our target market is Europe, we are ready to offer our products and services to any other global market. We have done electrical installation and exported automation electrical cabinets, for example, to countries such as the USA, Russia and China.

For food industry plants, we offer both electrical installation and production of electric cabinets, taking into account the high quality and the level of cleanliness characteristic of the food industry. Until now, Elsdorfer Molkerei und Feinkost GmbH, the German dairy factory, has been our largest customer in the food industry. However, we have successfully carried out projects for various food producers – coffee, bakery, chocolate manufacturing companies and vegetable growers. Of course, we are ready for new challenges in other types of food production!

An important place in our experience takes the glass product manufacturing industry. Our long-term customer is A/S Valmiera Glass – fiber glass manufacturing company. In the framework of this cooperation, we have produced automated control cabinets and performed electrical installation work in Latvia and in their production facilities in the USA.

International cooperation has also been established with the British Glass Manufacturing technology company Fives Stein Ltd. By producing individual order system control panels and providing full technical support during testing, we have gained valuable experience and confidence in our ability to deliver the result to the highest quality requirements.

Specialized production systems or systems, which use industrial robot technology. Properly selected and properly built robot technology not only allows you to increase production volume and the quality of products, but also improves the working environment for people, as it is possible to assign work to an industrial manufacturing robot in a health or life-threatening environment.

We offer services ranging from more accurate evaluation of the real-time simulation technological process cycle to the system’s construction and putting it into operation. Up to now, in cooperation with Elektro EGGERS GmbH, we have been installing industrial robot technology, and for direct cooperation we have also contacted other leading manufacturers, such as KUKA Robotics, Fanuc and ABB Robotics.

A precise and reliable operation of the conveyor system plays an important role in the loading and reloading processes as well as the movement of products in the automated system. In addition to the production of automated control boards and comprehensive electrical installation, we offer to work out an automation algorithm, to do system programming, as well as the development of the existing software by upgrading the existing systems.

An example of this is the complex transshipment conveyor system for the transshipment of SIA Riga Fertilizer Terminal, the total length of which exceeds 2 km. Conveyor management is based on the Siemens programmable logic controller system, which fully automatically manages 25 conveyors, visualizing and allowing to control the process from the operators’ room with the help of SCADA.