Electrical installation

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SIA LVDE is an ELDI group company and offers wiring and electrical assembly services. Regardless of whether a single low voltage or medium voltage connection must be made within the project, or a complete automated control production line must be thoroughly tackled, our company provides top-quality services of electrical installation of systems. This applies to both new and reconstructed projects.

Electrical installation jobs are always tailored to the specifics of each project and are carried out in accordance with regulatory requirements, for example, by differentiating between industrial buildings, office premises or residential buildings. Customers do not have to worry about the realization process of installations, because we provide it fully – with the necessary materials, tools, technical equipment and, of course, the specialists who carry out the particular project. The solutions that are found are always implemented in accordance with the requirements of the customer, and the system is put into operation as well.

Just ask and we will find the solution you need.

  • Electrical power networks
  • Installation of automated control systems
  • Information and data networks
  • Installation of pneumatic systems